Paul and Elizabeth's Adventures in Oz

Day 20, Sunday, September 15, 2002—

We attended a Latin Mass (St. Gregory congregation) at St. Luke's Catholic Church in Brisbane. It was a bit easier to follow the Latin Mass this time than it was 2 weeks ago (it had been a while since we'd attended a Latin Mass!) Fr. Ross was the presider (see pictures) and I actually remembered to bring my camera this time! For those members of the St. Jude congregation that may be viewing this, I've included a picture of their *unpadded* kneelers! And, also, this church is not air-conditioned, although the parishioners wish it were! If you think our summers are bad, imagine 100º+ F. and 100% + humidity!!!!!!

After Mass, the Martinovics drove us around to view some of the unique "Queenslander" style homes in the area. I like to thing of the Queenslander as similar to the Victorians of the U.S. west coast — built around the same time, unique style, and usually painted in bright colors.

St. Luke Catholic Church Inside St. Luke's
St. Luke Catholic Church
Inside St. Luke's
St. Luke Altar(s) Bare kneelers!!
The Altar(s) at St. Luke's
Look at that kneeler!!!!
Fluke Another one
A classic old Queenslander in need of repair
Fr. Ross