Paul and Elizabeth's Adventures in Oz

Day 21, Monday, September 16, 2002—

We visited Newstead House in Brisbane today. Newstead House is the oldest surviving house in Brisbane. Filled the lots of wonderful antiques, the home is set up much as it was when inhabited in the 1800s. Today the home and grounds are part of the Brisbane Public Park System.

On the grounds down by the river is Lyndon B. Johnson Place. This contains a memorial honoring America for their help to Australia during WWII. As Julie-Ann said, "If it wasn't for America's help in WWII, I'd be speaking Japanese and eating rice for breakfast!" When we visited the memorial, there were still flowers laying at the foot of the memorial from the 9-11 commemoration.

Newstead House Emu eggs
Newstead House, Brisbane
Hand-carved emu eggs
An unusual shoe-shaped bath...
...and a Royal Doulton toilet!
River view
Old river view
View of the Brisbane river from Newstead House
in the 1800s
Same river view today
Rear veranda
Rear veranda, overlooking the park