\Paul and Elizabeth's Adventures in Oz

Day 22, Tuesday, September 17, 2002—

Today we went to see the movie "The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course" which opened here on Friday. Just couldn't resist seeing Steve Irwin's movie on his home turf! The bloke has managed to turn insanity into a high-paying career.

For lunch, Julie-Ann took us to Yatala Pie for authentic Australian meat pies. They were great! Below is a pic of their "giant pie" outside the restaurant. From this angle, it looks a lotlike an old, rusty satellite dish, but from the freeway, it really does look like a giant pie...

The rest of the day was spent preparing to depart for Hobart tomorrow.

Yatala Pie
Yatala's giant meat pie

Day 23, Wednesday, September 18, 2002—

We bid a sad farewell to the Martinovic family this morning as we headed out for Tasmania.

Our flight to Hobart included a quick connection in Sydney, so we've included a couple of pictures of the Sydney area from the air.

If you think the Boise airport is small, check out the one in Hobart! Ours was the only plane there, and the baggage claim carousel is at the gate!!!!

Got settled into our harbor-front lodgings and then braved the cold and rain for a very nice dinner at the historic Customs House just around the corner.

Cliffs outside Sydney Sydney
Cliffs outside Sydney from the air
Sydney as seen from the air
Hobart airport
Most of the Hobart airport (really!)