Paul and Elizabeth's Adventures in Oz

Day 24, Thursday, September 19, 2002—

We had planned to go down the Tasman Peninsula today and visit Port Arthur, but it was cold and rainy so early in the morning we rang up the Cadbury Chocolate factory north of Hobart in Claremont to see if we could get in on one of their very popular tours. We managed a booking on the 10:30 a.m. tour. Unfortunately for you guys, photography was not allowed on the tour and Elizabeth wasn't willing to stand out in the rain to get a pic of the outside of the factory. We came away with free samples and good deals from the factory store, though!

Back in Hobart, we had a terrific sushi lunch at Orizuru Sushi Bar at the Victoria Dock, then strolled through town to the Tasmania Distillery where we toured the facility and sampled some of their whiskeys and liquers.

Lunch had been big and late, so we opted to stay in this evening with some cheese, crackers, and a bottle of wine.

Dunn P Tasmania Distillery
Tasmanian Distillery
The still
Street sign: Dunn P
Two streets up and parallel is Elizabeth St.
(the kewpie hair is due to the wind)
Symbol of the distillery's most popular product
Paul next to the still
Bricks Closeup
Handmade bricks from the 1800s:
"Spare a thought for the men who made these bricks:
—their only signature a thumb-print, or the Broad Arrow of servitude."
Closeup of those bricks