Paul and Elizabeth's Adventures in Oz

Day 27, Sunday, September 22, 2002—

We left Hobart this morning and, on our way north, stopped off in historic Richmond where we attended Mass at St. John's Catholic Church, the oldest Catholic church in Australia (established in 1836.) St. John's also has the country's oldest continually operating Catholic school (opened in 1843) and Richmond boasts the oldest bridge in Australia (built in 1823) and it still takes traffic! No wonder they call it "Historic Richmond!"

After a very nice lunch at the Richmond Food & Wine Centre, we continued our drive up the east coast to Scamander where we will spend the next couple of days.

St. John's Catholic Church
Richmond bridge
Richmond bridge, built with convict labor in 1823
St. John's Catholic Church, oldest Catholic church in Australia (and not much larger than St. Jude's in Garden Valley!)
This beautiful altar was hand carved by a local parishioner and her daughter over a 2-year period in the 1920s.
These are the narrowiest pew seats we've ever sat upon. And look, St. Jude gang, unpadded kneelers again!
Interior of St. John's St. John's School
The interior of St. John's
The original St. John's school building
Historic Richmond building
One of Richmond's many historic buildings