Paul and Elizabeth's Adventures in Oz

Day 29, Tuesday, September 24, 2002—

Contrary to some beliefs, there are rainforests outside of the tropical zone; there are temperate rainforests and 11% of Tasmania is covered with such rainforests. We took a drive today to visit some of these areas and took a couple of walks in the rain in the rainforest. One of the walks was to the base of St. Columba Falls, a beautiful cascade north of St. Helens. The other was in a stand of old-growth myrtles at Weldbourgh Pass.

We had an excellent lunch at "The Pub in the Paddock," a restaurant/pub that reminded us a bit of the Longhorn in Garden Valley, but the Longhorn doesn't (yet) boast a beer drinking pig!

Down the road from the Pub is the Pyengana Dairy where we stopped in, tasted several of their fine cheeses and bought an aged cheddar to have with dinner tonight.

As we were preparing to leave for the day from our lodging, the owners told us that an echidna had come into their yard and was rolled up into a ball and refusing to leave. So we got to snap a pic of an echidna in the "wild." We also saw a wombat rooting around on the side of the road while driving to St. Columba Falls, but it took off across a field when we tried to take its picture.

Echidna View
The echidna
View outside our window at the Pelican Sands
Old myrtle St. Columba Falls
An old-growth myrtle in the temperate rainforest
St. Columba Falls seen from a distance
Break time!
Wineglass Bay
Inside The Pub in the Paddock
St. Columba Falls