Paul and Elizabeth's Adventures in Oz

Day 31, Thursday, September 26, 2002—

Even though the weather started out well today, it was forecast to turn cold and rainy later, but we decided not to let that deter us. We headed out a bit before 9 a.m. headed for Gunn's Plains and the Gunn's Plains Cave located there. The drive took us south of highway 1 through rolling rural country that is green and lush (it's spring here, now.) After a short delay due to a detour ("So just how do they expect us to get there now???") we finally located the Gunn's Plains Cave State Park and arrived just in time for the first tour of the day. The cave is great, the tour guide was super, and it was a wonderful experience. Maybe in 10 years when we get back here, we'll take the special scuba tour that goes into the other parts of the cave — only reached after swimming an underground lake underwater.

After our down under tour of "Down Under," we headed south to the Cradle Mountain National Park. After a marvelous lunch at the Wilderness Cafe (not to be missed!) just north of the park. After lunch, inspite of the cold and sleet, we decided to take the bushwalk around Dove Lake. It really was a wonderful walk, but the last 1/2 hour of it was a bit uncomfortable with the driving sleet stinging our faces. By the time we arrived back at the car park, there was an accumulation of sleet & snow on the windshield of the car! We're thinking it was warm today in Garden Valley compared to here!

Ribbon formation
Drape formation
Lovely drape formation at the Gunn's Plains Cave
Beautiful ribbon formations
Holding up the ceiling! Cradle Mountain
Elizabeth "holding up" the cave ceiling!
Cradle Mountain
Dove Lake By the shore
Dove Lake — we made the circuit around the lake in the cold, sleet and snow...
Elizabeth by the shore