Paul and Elizabeth's Adventures in The Cook Islands

Day 36, Monday, September 30, 2002—
Today we took Captain Tama’s glass-bottom boat cruise of Muri Lagoon and snorkled off the boat in one of the marine preserves surrounding Rarotonga. The tour included stop at a deserted island (Motu) for a delicious beach BBQ, more snorkling, and demonstrations of local crafts. Our captain & crew (the both of them!) were a lot of fun and great guides. We highly recommend Capt. Tama's Cruize if you get to Rarotonga.

Capt. Tama's Lagoon Cruizes Fish through the glass bottom
Our glass-bottom boat. That's Paul in the red shirt.
Fish seen through the glass bottom boat.
Fish viewed while snorkling Black pearl farm
A black pearl farm, underwater, of course!
Fish seen while snorkling.
Our captain
Muri Lagoon, Motu Island
Muri Lagoon off Motu Island, where we lunched.
Our cruize captain, also one of the dancers at "Island Night" tomorrow.
Hat weaving Hat weaving
A demonstration of the art of palm-leaf weaving. It's a hat!

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