Paul and Elizabeth's Adventures in The Cook Islands

Day 38, Wednesday, October 2, 2002—
This morning we took a 45 minute flight from Rarotonga to the Aitutaki Atoll where we had reservations for two nights at Are Tamanu
on the island of Aitutaki. The island, and Are Tamanu in particular, are truly what "island paradise" means. Are Tamanu is situated right on the lagoon with only 12 bungalows, each of them luxurious. This beach hotel has been developed on "birthright" land by the owner and is family owned and operated.

In the evening, we took a flashlight with us (there are no streetlights) and walked about a mile down the road to "Fletchers," a bar and restaurant where we had a nice meal. We met up there with a couple from the hotel and, as it was pitch black dark for the trek back, we all walked back together and marvelled at the clear sky and density of stars that you can only see in a place such as this.

Rarotonga Airport Rarotonga Air
The Airport at Rarotonga
Our Rarotonga Air flight to Aitutaki
Rarotonga Island Aitutaki Atoll
Rarotonga as we are leaving for Aitutaki
Aitutaki Atoll
Aitutaki Airport Are Tamanu
The airport on Aitutaki Island
Are Tamanu Resort

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