Paul and Elizabeth's Adventures in The Cook Islands

Day 39, Thursday, October 3, 2002—
Having heard good things about the Bishop's Lagoon Cruises when we arrived yesterday, we booked for today. This cruise took us to some of the best snorkling we've had on the trip and to several islands in the atoll. We had a good Bar-B-Q on One Foot Island (though we thought the one on the Capt. Tama's cruise was superior) and enjoyed time with friends Anna and her son Anders from Sweden.

In the evening, we took the bus to Cafe Tupuna's for probably the best seafood we've had on the trip.

Anna and Anders Honeymoon Island
Anna and Anders
Honeymoon Island, a "new" island about 40 years old
Hermit crab New coconut tree
Hermit crabs were all over Honeymoon Island. Here Paul holds one.
A new coconut tree sprouts on Honeymoon Island
Us on Honeymoon Island Aitutaki Island
Us on Honeymoon Island
A look back at Aitutaki Island
Snorkling Fish
Elizabeth at our first snorkling stop on the cruise.
Look how clear the water is!

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