Paul and Elizabeth's Adventures in Oz

Day 4, Friday, August 30, 2002—
Today we visited Australia Zoo, Steve Irwin's ("The Crocodile Hunter") wildlife park in Beerwah. We saw lots of Oz wildlife — kangaroos, koalas, crocodiles, cassowaries, really lethal snakes — as well as non-Oz wildlife: the very first exhibit on the way in is 6 pens of American alligators! We saw demonstrations with an albino python, Murray the crocodile and Raindrop the koala. The "theme park" food here was excellent, unlike theme park food in the states. No, we didn't get to see Steveo, but check out the piccy of us with the python! But we did get to see a movie star — Graham the Crocodile is one of the stars of Steve's new picture "Collision Course."

On the way back to Brisbane, we stopped off in Redcliffe and had dinner ("tea") at Morgan's. This was a unique experience. Morgan's is a fish market (and
a variety of seafood!) on Moreton Bay. The fish is brought in directly off the boats into Morgan's. We went in and selected the pieces of fish that we wanted (perch fillets, calamari, seasoned salmon medallion & tiger & king prawns) and they cooked them to order. We took our finished order out to a table by the bay and had the freshest seafood dinner you could possibly have short of cooking it on the boat!

The weather, by the way, has been wonderful — nights in the 50s, days in the lower to mid 70s, very low humidity. Perfect weather!

Zoo entrance Graham
Zoo entrance
Graham, one of the stars of "Collision Course"
Julie-Ann & Steveo Raindrop the koala
Julie-Ann & Steveo
Raindrop the Koala & friend
Red Kangaroo Baby albino roo
Reg the red kangaroo
Elizabeth and an albino baby 'roo